May Meditation, 2013

We greet you on the last Sunday of May in the spirit of inner quiet. As we come to the end of this month, we are keenly aware of widespread, unsettling change in the lives of women in this community, and beyond. For many, this involves disruption, loss, and adaptation to deep shifts in work and family life.

Buried in the tension and unknowns, are the seeds of new awareness that are below ground level and mostly out of sight.

We want to dedicate the peace of intentional stillness this month to those who could use an extra wrap of support and love. Stability in the tides of change comes from our anchor in our essential selves-- behind the things we do, the roles we play, and the intensities of the times. This Presence at the center is a stabilizing force in us and concurrently a flow of reassurance to others.

In the moments of this unfolding Silent Sunday, in whatever form is right for you, may the blessings of your quiet place move out as sustenance to all those in need, wherever they may be.

With warm affection,

Barbara and Peri


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