December Meditation, 2013

At the recent Coming Into Your Own II gathering, we had an opportunity to inhabit the central place of Being in a new way. Attunement with nature was a particular gateway into this dwelling place for this course. We rested in the oceanic quietude of inner home. Indeed silence is a respite and place of regeneration.

Silence as a word or concept can be mis-leading at times because it implies that "nothing is happening", but this place of Being is fluid, dynamic, and ever changing. Every moment we are being asked to calibrate outer choices and actions with our inner place of knowing. For much of the program we explored this inner-outer dance with creation.

We discovered some of the dynamic qualities that reside here as they relate to the pulsations of transition in our lives. Slowing down into rhythms of sky and trees, lake and rocks, and birdsong and mountains, we could feel in our bodies a right soul fit relative to particular choices, and conversely a misfit with others... thus ability to guard against outdated version of ourselves running our lives.

We also found ourselves sitting in a knowing about timing in the rhythms of change. We could feel when a cycle was actually over, and it was time to let go. We knew how long a natural grieving cycle took and could thus protect it. We could feel the duration of an in-between space as we awaited inner directive. We knew when to wait and listen, despite a world pressuring us to "get on with it". We could feel the updraft that signals time to initiate or intervene. Here, too, we found the seat of inner elderhood that appreciates long term tending of cherished commitments as they move into fruition over time. From here we knew, too, when to lay down a role or a commitment that we had stewarded to its conclusion.

May right choice and timing translate the power of the life force into our journey through the rough and tumble of 2014.

We will meet you in the folds of silence this coming Sunday, together in the place of origin from which aliveness leaps and flows.


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