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November Meditation, 2013

Last week Barbara and I hosted the Coming Into Your Own II program at my home in New Hampshire. The theme of this year's event was entitled "Coming Home to our Natural Selves". The 20 of us who participated were reminded that we are surrounded in every moment by a living, breathing, and interactive Whole --and that our own destiny fits within this pattern. Following our gathering Jody Simpson, a participant at this event, sent this communique to us. We thought it could well serve as our message this month in honor of the upcoming day of silence this Sunday. Enjoy Jody's words of introduction to this story ~ and your day of silence however it unfolds.

Thinking of you all with love, all around this precious earth home,

Peri and Barbara


My friend Janet sent this blog to me just a couple of days after I finished my second CIYO here in Hancock. Her words "church in the dunes" and "sanctuary in the sands" resonated deeply. In the gentle course of this event I learned to sit quietly in a beautiful spot outdoors and feel the kindred spirits all around. Solitude does not have to mean loneliness, rather, a pathway to a profound connection with the earth and humanity. Jody

I think part of why it was so amazingly fabulous was that it was completely and totally unexpected.

The mailbox; planted in a sand dune, far from any habitation for miles in each direction.

But let me back up because we never would have found the mailbox if we hadn't sighted the American flag flying wildly in the wind; catching the red, white and blue waving every so often above a dune as we walked south on one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire eastern seaboard.

My curiosity was aroused. I wanted to know the story of the flying flag in the dunes.

So we walked, and we walked; the flag beckoning and drawing us farther and farther down the beach until at last we arrived…

at a mailbox.

A mailbox?

This was getting more curious by the minute.

Did someone live here? On this barrier island of what we thought was uninhabited state preserved land?

Kindred Spirit was written on the mailbox and on either side of it were benches arranged to look out at the expanse of the ocean.

My husband opened the mailbox and found it was filled with notebooks of all sizes plus many pencils and pens.

What fun! What had we found here?

We pulled the notebooks out and began to read. Entries written from people all over the world who had followed the flag and found the mailbox.

Messages of hope, personal and collective dreams, random thoughts, musings and prayers flowed from the pages.

People had arrived here with loved ones, friends, family or in solitude. They were all fellow travelers on this particular beachcombers path.

Full from reading, we began to sit and write ourselves, adding to this collection of humanity.

How could we not?

We were called to connect with the kindred spirits who have and will walk this beach to heal, to commune, to worship and re-connect.

Right here at this

Church in the dunes,

Sanctuary in the sand,

Place of deep connection with humanity where human habitation is non existent.

I come to the beach and commune with nature to feel whole, but finding these messages and putting my words down for others to read, reminded me that it is not just in nature but it is in feeling this connection with each other that we find happiness.

Reminding me we are all kindred spirits on this earth walk of life.

Dear Kindred Spirit,

Thank you for reminding me of the invisible thread of connectivity between you and me and everyone else in this world.

Thank you for providing this space and place for me to let go of everything that seems to be weighing me down so I can open myself up to be healed by the beauty of nature.

Thank you for reminding me

that I am not alone.


not for a single moment.

And thank you for this most delicious and unexpected surprise.

I'm still smiling,

even today,

as I stand miles and days away

from your treasure

I found

in the dunes.

XX Janet

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