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February Meditation, 2022

Painting by Barbara Cecil


Dearest friends,

We are happy to feature some words that came though Sarah-Jane Menato in the last week. There is silence in the dark, and the songs that await our singing.

Holding the world, and one another, so happy to hold hands with you,

Barbara and Peri


“Seeing and Singing in The Dark”

Learning that the dark is not simply an absence of light, or a space of deprivation, is on-going. As the dark reveals Her extraordinary dimensions of depth, fertility and generosity, understanding dawns that everything depends on the quality, treasured-ness and restored capacity to care for and tend the dark.

Once the beauty and power of the dark once again have a dedicated home in human being-ness, restoration has begun. Following then the sensing that this is where everything originates, an incomprehensible necessity to learn to sing in the dark arises.

The truest, most pressing, ripest pulsations of initiating impulses rise. Frequencies, each human beings alone to sing emerge and gather, an aria in the dark, the All that is left, the sacred remains. The Holy place so long neglected.

Long after the human returns to the humus, seeds entrusted from the beings’ broken open hearts, humanity returned, is reseeded and amplified by a collective resonance as the seeing and the singing swell in the dark.



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