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October Meditation, 2022

A drawing by Barbara Cecil inspired by Anne LeClaire’s book


A simple video is the choice we have selected to share as this month’s mediation on silence. It is a short clip of Mark Nepo’s entitled Stopping the Noise”. Mark is a true master in the art of living, having walked through his own life challenges with honesty, courage, wonder and deep engagement. This piece is one more pearl in the string of gems from his life’s work.

It takes us back to the beginning roots of our silence practice which began after reading Anne Le Claire’s book “Listening Below the Noise”. Like LeClaire, Nepo invites us to go “below the noise” to the stillness where we rest and are held - to learn how to move between the noise and the place where “the ancient voices” live and the things that give us life.

Thank you Mark!

With gratitude for all those who walk this path and offer their wisdom with such grace and accessibility.

Peri and Barbara


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