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November Meditation, 2022

There is some kind of divine irony about this week here in the United States where the underlying rhythms of autumn – a deep, quieting down in the natural world around us seem to clash with the hustle and frenzy of what is known as Thanksgiving week. Airports are packed, roads are full and the constant barrage of “buy now, buy lots” is inundating airwaves.

There is “another world on her way”. You can feel it when friends and families gather for a quiet moment before a meal or a slow wander together in the woods. It is there, always there yet easily lost in the hustle and bustle of these days.

May all of us, in our own unique way, take time this week to join with this other world, listen below the noise and sync our breathing with a deeper reality seeking to break surface and bring about new alternatives and ways of being.

In peace and blessing,

Peri and Barbara


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