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January Meditation, 2019

Mary Oliver September 10, 1935 - January 17, 2019

In honor of those whose lives have been dedicated to opening the doors of deep connection to this diverse and wonderful place we call Home, we offer a tribute on this day of Silence to the poet Mary Oliver. The way she lived and the poetry she wrote was a continuous ode to the beauty of the small, the immediate and the real right in front of our eyes. With persistence and urgency, she offered gateways to connect with that “wild and untamed part of our being” that instinctively knows its place in the larger order of things – to find the courage to step outside the bounds of conventional norms and take up the mantle of our lives that remembers we are part of a single whole.

Time, solitude, space and the willingness to simply BE with the world in all its beauty, complexity, darkness and light – this is the life she invited us to live. Walk out your door and engage with whatever lies right in front of you – the path that takes you from feeling alone and separate into the experience of belonging and connection.

We thank you Mary, for the legacy you have left and the love you carried for this place of Home that holds us all,

Peri & Barbara

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