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September Meditation, 2019

The heat is turned up on the planet, and for many of us intensifying personal challenges are amping up in tandem with global disruption. Greta Thunberg’s UN presentation earlier this week is a cornerstone for our times, calling out courage, integrity and focused action. Our inner practices of centering and listening speaks to the interior place from which we can discern our rightful path into the challenges of the day. From here our power, intelligence, and healing presence emerge in the most meaningful ways. Carolyn Baker once said that not having a spiritual practice in these times is like running into a forest fire wearing a paper tutu. I felt called last week to create an outdoor ceremonial site on the earth where I live. I call it a rock lodge. It is a place where I can commune with the earth, where I can pray. Where I can stand in the elements and honor the four cardinal directions. Where I can sink a root into deep time. Where I can bring my questions, my angst, my sadness, my fear and my gratitude. Where I can create my own rituals in the presence of the Great Spirit. Where I can be partner and protection for precious ones such as Greta and the legions of young people standing up. Our deep friendships and our practices are needed ballast for the stances and actions that call to us. I imagine lines of connection between our dedicated earth sanctuaries, if that is something that feels indigenous to you. I am glad to include awareness of your ceremonial sites in my regular prayers. Peri and I reliably get any mail you send through Jennifer Zeitler, who faithfully stewards this network of practice. I am including the link to Greta’s speech next to photos of my ceremonial site. Having these side by side is meaningful to me. Much love,

Barbara and Peri

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