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October Meditation, 2019

Photo by Liz Davis

So many of the cycles in our lives take time to play themselves out. Often, we miss the momentary wisdom and beauty of what is occurring – the subtle play between the formless and the forms. Rather than rushing to judge and worrying something is wrong, relax and learn to see the incredible magic unfolding in the now. In the words of Sister Wendy Beckett:

“Silence is making-friends-with -time. It doesn’t fight it or waste it; it refuses to run after it. Silence floats free with time, letting the pattern of the moment unfold at its own pace. It is a way of becoming free....In Silence we break the hold time has on us, and accept in practice that our true home is in eternity.”

Enjoy your times of silence this month, wherever they arise.

With gratitude and blessing,

Peri and Barbara

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