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November Meditation, 2015

Pippa contemplating the beauty of her surroundings

(Look for the red hat!)

CIYO II - New Mexico

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the US – we feel particularly grateful for family, friends and the steady abundance of the earth as she gives us all that is needed for a simple life. It seems a very good moment to celebrate the growing circle of women around the world linking to this monthly pulse of Silence with the launch of several online resources for those interested in learning more about and sharing the practice. In the middle of next month, we will invite you more formally to tell others about these resources.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions as we take these visible steps. You can find our resources-in-progress at these links:

In the spirit of honoring these last six years of practice, here is a recent reflection from Beth Jandernoa - one of the five women who started this global community of chosen Silence – on her current experience:

It has taken me many years to make friends with silence. I used to feel great discomfort in my body and with the running commentary inside my head, which sometimes sounded like competing blaring radio broadcasts. There have been many twists and turns, ups and downs in my process. Every so often I would read or hear a pointer that seemed to shift my internal state and I would open to a much richer quieter space.

Recently I began to relate to silence as a companion. This practice has shifted my experience in a way that I can palpably feel greater presence all around and inside me. Another practice I use is stopping throughout the day and becoming aware of my awareness. All that has been demanding my attention recedes and I feel like I am in an oasis of quiet aliveness. I am so grateful that stillness and quiet are no longer strangers on this amazing journey of life. Doing a day of Silence just didn’t work for me. With the good fortune of ‘semi-retirement,’ I am happy to say that my practice with silence is 20 minutes every morning with moments of pausing and becoming aware of my awareness sprinkled throughout the day.“

With blessings to you all,

Peri and Barbara

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