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October Meditation, 2015

Greetings. As this beautiful month of October winds down to a close, it has been a glorious autumn here in New England. And there is the coming of spring in the southern hemisphere. Cycles closing and cycles awakening - through it all we are there in the midst of whatever situations are arising. For this month’s meditation, a particular hexagram from the I Ching: The Book of Changes seems timely. The hexagram is The Well and​ this particular translation is from David La Chapelle’s Hymn of Changes version: In ancient China, the villages were organized around a Well: although the buildings may have crumbled and fallen, the Well always remained at the heart of the community. Stability and nourishment comes when we draw from deep levels of Being. The external world is ever-changing and to seek nourishment in externals is to invite disappointment. In drinking deeply of the Waters within, we are assured of a stable source of nourishment… Modern technology has increased our access to knowledge beyond anyone’s mental capacity to assimilate information. Implicit in this hexagram is a hint as to how to restore balance in an age of information overload. The simple act of drawing Water in a bucket from the Well can restore our inner knowing. This simplicity eases our thirst and brings a much-needed balance to the tyranny of a mind​ filled with too many ideas. A fundamental return to ancient wisdom and timeless knowledge will nourish weary minds in a modern world. May your time of silence this month, however it is that you practice, bring you back to the Well-spring of your Being and nourish your body, heart, mind and spirit….the Spring that lives inside each one and is always there to drink from. With blessings,

Peri & Barbara

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