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September Meditation, 2015

Greetings to all of you who participate in this monthly rhythm of Silence – the last Sunday of each month from wherever you happen to live. As we come towards this Sunday, I thought to share a short meditation that I came up with during my day of silence in August. May it spark some moments of reflection on your own journey towards simply Being present. With Blessings, Peri and Barbara

Slowly, slowly and with dignity I am building my capacity to BE present. Present to myself, present to my life – what I have created & not created – done & not done. I have a vivid picture of a stick with its two ends:​

One end mastery and excellence ---------- The other end being a total beginner. I realized today how much I dislike being seen as a ‘beginner’, as not totally competent. It is a relief to let go of both ends of the stick: GOOD & NOT GOOD​

in favor of simply Being present. It is the stick – the continuum of stories that I tell about myself - that causes the stress. Thankfully, it seems that these monthly days of Silence are building some kind of capacity to BE present to my life just as it is. In my seventh year of practice I feel like I am gaining a muscle of returning toBeing. And when I do, I notice I sigh a lot…and my stomach starts gurgling. My entire body relaxes. A wonderful teacher, spiritual mentor and friend said: “Use your body as a guide. Hold a direction in mind. Watch your body. If it relaxes, it is a direction to head towards.” These days of Silence are deeply directionally right for me – body, mind, heart and spirit.

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