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April Meditation, 2015

Greetings to you all as we approach our last Sunday in April. The message we sent in March spoke about the Spring Equinox here in the northern hemisphere and the energy of new beginning. As we were composing this message, both Barbara and I were yearning to get the southern hemisphere more directly represented in these monthly messages. And voila, straight into my inbox came a beautiful message from a friend and monthly Silence holder in New Zealand.

It brought tears to my eyes in a gentle way to feel the immediacy & depth of connection that this monthly rhythm of silence affords. The blessings of our shared quiet presence encircling the shifts and changes underway on this planet I believe is profound.

I wrote back to Linda and asked if she was willing to let us share her words with the wider group and she was most happy to do so.

Here is her message in its unedited beauty.

May your day be one of beauty, quietude, and wonder ~ in whatever patch of ground you find yourself on this special day.

With affection, Peri & Barbara


​Dear Peri and Barbara,

It's Saturday night: the eve of March 29 and another "day of silence". I'm into my tenth month of being with you in periods of silence on the last Sunday of each month. Peri, the book you sent arrived just seven days after you posted it on May 22 last year. It came on a long weekend at the start of our winter months and I read the whole book in several delicious sessions of quiet over two days. Wonderful.

I have chosen to deliberately set aside an hour or a morning or an afternoon and evening of silence to fit in with other activities scheduled. Sometimes I am involved in a work-bee in our local forest (you may remember it Barbara) or other community event on that Sunday. What I have found is that the theme you send out each month stays with me for many days, sometimes the whole month. On the "day of silence" I relish the silence, the quiet, the stillness. I journal. I contemplate my life. I contemplate the theme you have offered letting the inspiration of thoughts flowing bring newness, often fresh perspective.

Usually I carry over into Monday morning, aware of the time difference between North America and here, and other places. Generally in my life I experience a lot of silence: this is important to me. I appreciate the opportunity to join a collective on these specific Sundays where more diverse layers of perspective can be found.

Right now it's autumn in New Zealand. This morning I sat with two friends on a nearby beach, loving the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore and feeling the change in season and pace. Winter months lie ahead for me as you embrace spring and the promise of summer. Perfect balance around the globe!

Thanks ever so much for your consistent and inspiring offerings. Good to be with you.


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