March Meditation, 2015

Dear Friends,

Heading into the Silence Sunday for the month of March on the 28th, this message comes out on this auspicious day - the spring equinox and a solar eclipse - following a week of particularly strong solar flares. As this recent message from Debra Silverman describes, it is a time of letting go and new beginnings. May you use the quiet spaces of your silence practice to listen to the deeper essences of your back to the universe habits that no longer serve, creating spaces for the tiny stirrings of what is relevant now.

We note that on March 21 the whole country of Bali is having a Day of Silence. Balinese celebrate the New Year with a 'holy day' called Nyepi, the Day of Silence. On this sacred day of meditation and contemplation the whole island of Bali completely shuts down. There are no outside activities - no planes land, nobody on the roads - and even inside, everything is kept to a minimum, the island retreats into itself.

With warmest affection, Peri and Barbara


March 20th is a solar eclipse, at 29 degrees of Pisces. The sun and the moon at the exact same point, a dark sky as they stand in front of each other marking this eclipse and its ending to old stories, one of which is winter, bye bye winter... and your cold breezes (or hot ones if you are in the southern hemisphere). It was primarily visible from Northern Europe, yet the effects were global.

This coincidentally coincides with the spring equinox for us north of the auspicious. It is occurring in Pisces, just as spring begins. The very last degree of Pisces has significance because it's the very last sign of the zodiac holding the wisdom point. Last degrees in any sign indicate evolution, a well-worn path has been carved...and with it the collection of time received; like the adage time equals wisdom — it’s true. 29 degrees of pisces has wisdom. A really good bottle of wine settled in for decades--and is now ready to be slowly consumed. Think of what has been brewing, what is needed at this time in your life, what has asked for your patience. Today, March 20th,makes its readiness to be given. Be let go of. Be freed. Make a list what is in your world that you want to change. To release... for real, not in theory but in fact. And then create a ritual, a time out where you actually LET GO. Close your eyes and join the the sun and moon as they line up in the very last degree of the zodiac.

And then get ready for a whole new start. Because the next stop is 0 degrees of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, spring forward, fast and furious energy...get ready for a great spring... fire is in the air and we can run toward our next beginnings.. I’m so excited! And you should be too! Blessings, Debra Silverman


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