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May Meditation, 2014

Barbara and I recently completed a CIYO in New England. As part of this session, we invited a long-time friend and well-known astrologer, Debra Silverman, to join us and share her insights into the larger planetary influences and how they might be impacting all of the women participating in the program. Evidently there were very powerful planetary forces at work shortly before the CIYO began. When Debra brought up the chart of one woman in particular she said, “Oh my god, you and the universe just completely collided ~ directly and across all aspects of your chart. What happened?” June had just been in a near fatal car accident and this was the story she shared with us about it. June told this story to a young woman who was deeply distraught about the impasses in her life. Everything is OK. Everyone is OK. Let go. Just Breathe. That is what she told me. That is what she told me as I lay strapped to a gurney in an ambulance on the way to the hospital after a car accident that I never saw coming. I was knocked unconscious during the accident. I did wake briefly at the scene to know that others were involved. That others ran a stop sign. That others included a baby. Then I was out again. I woke again in the ambulance. My mind raced as I tried to remember what happened. What did I miss? What about the others? Please don’t let them be hurt. OMG...there was a baby...was the baby ok? And, as all that was processing at high speed in my head: worry, fear, confusion, sadness, anxiety...I saw a light…I heard a voice, a woman’s voice --calm, soothing and authoritative- and she said, “Everything is ok. Everyone is ok. Let go. Just breathe.” I trusted. I let go. I breathed. And I knew. I knew that she was right. I felt calm, pain-free, worry-free, euphoric. No words to really describe it. The feeling lasted a few hours; through the tests, the questions, the prodding and the poking. The memory started to fade after a few days. But during that time, I did a lot of thinking, reflecting, and realizing. It was time to change the approach to my life.

Ever more vividly are we all waking up to this vast and intricate universe of which we are all a part. As we come into our monthly day of chosen silence, may we take a moment to rest deeply is this experience of “everything is OK.” It is true. We are all held. We can all trust, let go, breathe, and know. Blessings and love to you all, Peri, Barbara, and June

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