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October Meditation, 2014

Welcome to a number of new friends joining in the spirit of Silent Sundays. Please read the attached information that describes our intent and the simple ways we connect. This is the “reminder “ for this coming Sunday.

Being with….

• Your child • A question • The sunset • Leaves falling

Silence comes in many forms. It arises from being with whatever situation is directly in front of you. Release all the stories that surface, ride the emotions that present themselves. Behind the thoughts, fears, anxieties, and judgments, is You.

You and Silence are One.

In this day that is before us, let us be with our lives exactly as they are. Together we settle into the Silence from which the human story unfolds. How we be witheach moment, just as it is, makes a significant difference to this storyline and our experience of life. With Love and Blessings, Barbara and Peri

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