September Meditation, 2020

Here we are all now

Blessing the space between us

Singing silent Life

Listening beyond all the feelings that float across the heart

Depth of grief erupting and the sounds of old pain

Listening for the new spring shoots breaking the crusty earth.

So still, so present

Can you hear the earth breathe…

Liminal days and liminal nights

Sensing the path while walking

Beneath my feet the soft green moss

Sunlight cracks, the forest opens.

We are in the flow of love's unfolding.

Steadfastly on the journey we have chosen

That has sought us out

Through the haze and uncertainty

There are special moments

Morning now

Maybe afternoon

Deceptive soft light

Pulls me in

I feel the bounty of harvest time

Watch the rose petals fall in my garden.

The wheel of the year turns yet again.

The same and yet different each time.

Zenith of Summer

To shifting seasons of Grace

Stewarding fullness

Wandering and wondering

Into the future of becoming

Travelers and pilgrims



In place and space



Letting Go

Into connectedness


Gathering Force

Inner conviction anchors

Reservoirs of strength.

Wandering and wondering

Into the future of becoming

On our heartfelt paths

In the days ahead we create anew

We are in the flow of love’s unfolding

- A Poem of Collective Reflections from our Global Community

Blessing on this equinox day – honoring the interplay of light and dark,

Peri and Barbara

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