March Meditation, 2020

Painting by Carol Ingram

A Prayer:  Sheltering in Place, ie Stopping

May the isolation we experience be the long awaited Stop.

May we deliberately, ceremonially, let go of everything that we know is over.

May we cherish whatever essence of Earth is close-by, be it a plant, or a forest, or the flax in our linen pants.

May we ponder why, truly deeply why, this is happening and welcome our time of reckoning.

May we befriend uncertainty and solitude; and touch ineffable, solid, Belonging to the Great Community of All Life.

May we close our eyes and feel the impulse within that is our blessed pathway through these awesome days…and evermore.

May we know that our grief and praise are one.

~ Barbara Cecil

Closely with each of you, with love,

Barbara and Peri

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