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June Meditation, 2020

Peri and I send you pictures and words fromThe, describing a silent march for Black Lives Matter in Seattle. We dedicate this Sunday meditation to a vast and all-inclusive silence surrounding global unrest and trauma. We honor and join those who are putting their lives on the line for needed reckoning and a different way to live with our fellow humans and our blessed earth. It is good to use our field of connection in this way.

In this together,

Barbara and Peri


An Estimated 60,000 March in Silence for Black Lives

by Rich Smith Jun 12, 2020 at 9:14 pm

The only sounds you could hear were raindrops falling on umbrellas, determined footsteps, and, occasionally, the endless chopping of a helicopter.


"Let your silence speak volumes for those we have lost,” one speaker said as the group quietly filed out to march this afternoon.


BLMKC board members quietly leading the way down 23rd.


“Steady rain and steep hills aside, the solidarity in silence was a welcome reprieve from two weeks of loud-ass protests against police brutality, some of which had been met with a violent and sustained police response, heavily armed citizens, and, in the case of the conflicts on Capitol Hill, an active shooter.”

"The silence was also a really powerful idea," he added, "Just marching down the street and letting the bodies speak for themselves."


Kammil, Trinity, Chris


A trio of 19-year-olds—two from Covington and one from Seattle—say they've demonstrated in a couple protests over the last few weeks.

Kammil said the silent march was "very calming," and it reminded her of "how much power we have when we act as one."

For Trinity, the silent march showed that "there's different ways to get the point across."


After finally getting more than two hours of sleep last night, Marshall showed up ready to expand the movement.


“After two long weeks of playing music with the Marshall Law Band. and helping to organize theCapitol Hill Autonomous Zone, he also welcomed the afternoon's contemplative hours of silence.”



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