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July Meditation, 2021

On February 4, 2019 Dahr Jamail and I initiated a series of op-eds for Truthout, an online news service. The series was called “How, Then, Shall We Live?” given our awareness of rolling climate chaos engulfing the earth. The series began with this poem, which has subsequently been taped to my wall near the front door. It has taken me many years to face the reality of the inevitable consequences of human consumption and separation from the web of all life. Acceptance has many iterations, sinking ever deeper as profound implications become apparent. Every step of the way begs the questions about how to bear witness and live meaningfully in these times. My life has become an inner and outer sanctuary where, as best as I can, my heart can rest. Where I can listen deeply and steadily to subtle guidance through the decline; everything is changing. Where I can think clearly; we are faced with tough, unprecedented choices. Where others too can cherish life in the holy space on the other side of pushing all this away. Where our young people can find their footing.

Our practice of silence takes on extra weight as the years go by now. It is in this quietude that the moon shines through. Love and friendship extraordinaire live in the beams of light.

Love and blessings, Barbara and Peri



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