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December Meditation, 2021

As the sun was setting on this beautiful solstice day, I was standing between my two horses as they ate their evening grain. In the sweet and quiet space of these moments, I felt the deep, “cosmic pause” which happens twice a year. Across the globe on these solstice days, we arrive at a still point. The space between movement. Everything on the planet stops. Rests a moment. And pauses. Before the eternal dance of the cosmos begins anew and the planet moves once again in its next arc across the heavens. Connected we are to these deep moments - they live in us as we live in them. It was good to pause and feel this deep, abiding, rhythm of the worlds living inside my breath and bones.

We are happy to share with you Toko-Pa Turner's exquisite meditation carried on the currents of her understanding of uncertainty and her sensitivity to this in-between time.

With Much Love,

Peri and Barbara


Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Min Law


In this long dark, logic and plain sight are useless. You navigate by the diffuse and reflective attention of the moon and stars. Bringing a deep, penetrating silence to the knowing that lives in your bones and emanates from your dreams, you recognize that you are no longer who you used to be and not yet still who you will become. You are both, you are neither, you are perfectly between things.

Even if distantly and dimly at first, abilities you never had during the day are coming alive. Where you used to seek leadership outside yourself, now yours is the deciding voice. Fear is becoming your strange ally, as you learn to honour and cradle its soft underbelly. Instinct and the mystical pull of your feeling leads the way. You can sense the density of objects around you, hear the songs of stones, and know things are coming even before they’ve left.

For you, brave pilgrim, I hold this Solstice lantern at the crossroads. While others are anxious to see you arrive, I praise your vast withstanding of the uncertainty from which all meaning is born.



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