July Meditation, 2020

Photo taken by Ann Foorman

Out Breath

When the out breath comes

Take it.


Feel the stillness

Before the in breath comes.

In the press of every

Day, Week, Month, Life

There are out breaths.

Listen for them.

All of creation breathes.




A leisurely muscle, the heart


In between each beat

A pause.

Lub, dub ……. Lub, dub

When the tide goes out

Let it.

Feet in the wet sand.

Calling you quiet.

Calling you back

Into the great Sea.


The tide will return.

The water will come in.

Meeting the shore.

Out of the silence

A new cycle begins.

- Peri

As midsummer crests here in New England, the out breaths are palpable. In the fullness of the season - with all things green and flowering, baby birds fledging from the nests - there is a distinct sense of rest and relaxation too. Life, it seems to me, is built on this rhythm – exhale, pause, inhale. Inhale, pause, exhale. In and out of the great silence from whence the impulse of creation arises and recedes.

Breathing together and sending blessings,

Peri & Barbara

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