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January Meditation, 2020


I come into this Sunday’s Day of Silence feeling the gravity of the times we live in. I feel the intensity of the geopolitical challenges. The grief and terror of koala bears and kangaroos cradling their dead. Indigenous genocide on behalf of gross profit. Catastrophic climate disruption now playing out. Existential questions looming. And challenges closer to home in our families. Much of my life in the past years has been dedicated to finding new ground on which to stand, physically in terms of a burgeoning love affair with the earth beneath my feet, and inside myself. My heart breaks over and over. And then my sponged-out heart/mind begins to see a story line. I am called to fierce protection of what I love. And at other times, all I can do is be filled with compassion, wide arms around it all…all of it living in me. It’s not an easy time to be on earth right now, but I rarely lose track of a certain rightness to my presence here, now. That rightness issues out of a depth of silence lying behind all the impulses to action, the near-unbearable sensitivities of heart, occasional insight, and an age-old feminine instinct to hold and cherish all being. Will you join Peri and me this Sunday for a few moments or hours of silence, connecting with the benevolent source of life steadily supporting us all and giving meaning and direction in this decade as it starts to unfold?

In connection,

Barbara & Peri

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