April Meditation, 2012

Dear friends,

Peri and I greet you in anticipation of this coming Sunday, as the pulse of stillness comes into focus. There are many new women in this web of friends, having recently come through the Coming Into Your Own programs in various parts of the world. Welcome. As changes roll through our lives, this personal anchor in a slowed down pace, and relaxation of outer activity, is a simple remembrance of where we come from.

We have been sending out these notes for a couples years now towards the end of each month, including some kind of inspiration which recalls this quiet home in ourselves. Some women commit to a full day of silence on the last Sunday of the month, others designate a short period of time to meditation, others just read these persistent notes and pause in the moment to feel themselves. It doesn’t matter how we choose to settle in ourselves. What matters is who we are behind the roles and stories of our lives.

I will attach the invitation to join in this connection, internally and with one another across the time zones. Also, we are including a recent article from the New York Times which speaks to a growing consciousness which cherishes this kind of retreat from the fray of life. It is called the Joy of Quiet.


With love,

Barbara and Peri


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