October Meditation, 2012

We greet you on the last Sunday of the month, and welcome many new women who have been part of recent Coming Into Your Own programs in Morocco, New York, and California. As we reviewed the road map of the Creative Process on the last day of the New York workshop I was inspired to review it in light of our commitment to sitting in silence once a month.

This is a drawing of the creative process by CIYO facilitator and colleague, Marguerite Drescher. Note the dotted horizontal line through the central indicating feminine (inner) qualities above the line, and masculine movement (outer) below the line. This is an oversimplified portrayal of how true and meaningful endeavors are conceived and brought into form. Nothing works in sequence like this, exactly, but rather proceeds and then returns periodically to the quiet at the center for inspiration and re-calibration with the rhythms and qualities “source”.

The point of origination is in silence at the center before the spiral fans out. That is what we dedicate these Sundays to. A true starting place, where the ego, and our brilliant minds and our determined wills, let go of control. It is just space, with no imposition. Perhaps only the whispers of a humble prayer. Just a listening ear with no concern for results. Just patience, minus hurry. The demands of the world held away. True inquiry from the heart, “Who am I?” The deeper field of possibility senses the qualities of receptivity and begins to inform the protected space, in flashes or slowly over time.

This is a deeply nuanced, feminine vessel, in which energy both gathers and settles.

Soon enough impulse moves in the quiet. Inclination, ideas arise. Time now for curiosity, dialogue with co-conspirators, new partnerships.

Slowly ideas coalesce and the strategic plans ensue. In the graphic we are preceding into the bottom half of the spiral. Enter the masculine capacity to experiment, prototype, move ideas into action…action that is well sourced and powerful in its impact. All because we begin in silence…

May we honor the quiet center of “being” in ourselves, where we are one with the creative spirit.

Enjoy your Sunday ~ we are together and apart simultaneously.

With Affection,

Barbara and Peri


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