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February Meditation, 2012

Love ~ it is what lives in the space of Silence ~

I have been thinking a lot about Love lately. One of my new practices that I decided to do for the year of 2012 was something called “self-attunement” for 15 minutes each day. In simple terms what this means is sitting quietly as if I was going to meditate except instead of focusing on my breathing or a chant or emptying my mind, instead I bring “myself” into my open hands on my lap. And for the next 15 minutes I just “be with me”….as in simply let Love flow to myself.

I have no other agenda, I am not trying to Love anything in particular about myself, I am simply giving my undivided attention to “me” with no conditions or expectations.

The reason I thought to share this as we come to our February day of Silence this next Sunday is because the experience has surprised me….and although it is different each day, one thing I frequently find happening during these 15 minute sessions is that I lose total track of “who is doing what to whom”…..all I know is Love is flowing in all directions and that there is really is no “out there” and “in here”.

When I come to my Silent Sunday ~ I find that I naturally feel the wider circle of women around the world that are connected. And somehow by the simple practice of “loving self” I am deepening my capacity to love all others too.

So……whatever quiet moments may come upon you as we close the month of February, may you reconnect with the wellspring of yourself, and if you as so inspired experiment with giving yourself a few moments of undivided, “unconditional” Love. What goes around, comes around!

With warmest affection,

Peri & Barbara

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