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May Meditation, 2022

We have a most beautiful and profound piece to share this month created by a dear friend Maryliz Smith. It is an audio blog – a poem set to a piece of music entitled “Guileless”. Rarely do we ask anything specific of this community. However, this incredible piece brings you right to the now and offers a blessing for the world and all its complexity and intensity. We would ask all of you who get this email to actually take 5 minutes to read and listen. If this is the only thing you do this Sunday, please do this. The impact of everyone taking 5 minutes to listen and let ourselves drop into the deep place of quiet from whence this piece came will send a far reaching ripple into humanity and our blessed earth.


As I approach the park bench, I recognize those blond curls resting midway down her back, refusing to conform.

It’s been many months. I’m already happy to see her again.

I come around the bench to greet her. She leaps up. We hug and then sit down without a word.

As though mid conversation, she begins, “What is happening to our world? I think we are very ill.” Her eyes are gentle and inquisitive.

The guileless nature of her inquiry prompts me to respond with reassuring conviction, “Once, when I was feeling despondent about the state of our world, a wise woman shared something I’ve never forgotten. She said, ‘The circle is the birthplace of the new human; and when millions of those circles take shape and connect, we will realize a profound evolution of humanity.'* I believe she meant that we do not do this alone. We do this in the company of others, and with others what is possible is beyond our imagination.”

Our conversation carries on from one idea to the next. Then we sit closely in silence for a long time. Minutes disappear, until we must part once again.

“To be continued,” we vow to one another, as we re-enter the world, both hopeful and guileless from our meeting.

*Quote by Ann DosherListen to Guileless


Glad to be holding this place of deep care with you, and with such gratitude for Maryliz and her amazing gifts of love,

Peri and Barbara


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