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June Meditation, 2023

In these days of dynamic change, having a genuine experience of community seems to be absolutely critical – at least for me – in staying sane and participating in a steady flow of reciprocity. This reciprocity extends to “all my relations” – humans, animals, plants, minerals and the milky way galaxy that holds our planet. I received this poem from two dearest friends, Glennie and Beth, who are also members of this silence community. It seems particularly fitting for this month of June.

Forever Oneness, who sings to us in silence, who teaches us through each other. Guide my steps with strength and wisdom. May I see the lessons as I walk, honor the Purpose of all things. Help me touch with respect, always speak from behind my eyes. Let me observe, not judge. May I cause no harm, and leave music and beauty after my visit. When I return to forever may the circle be closed and the spiral be broader. ~ Bee Lake, an Aboriginal poet

May our silence leave a trail of music and beauty,

Peri and Barbara


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