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April Meditation, 2023

Here is a fun story about listening from a quiet place, and discerning what is true and real, from here. I saw a photo on Facebook that touched my deep interest in human/animal connection. It was the line where the man’s face leaned into the giraffe that called to me. I wanted to paint that feeling. This photo is above.

Kate Isaacs (thanks Kate) then let me know that the photo was fabricated by AI. I decided to try it anyway, because I was drawn to that line. I go very quiet when I paint, immersed in a flow that perceives step by step what to do or alter next. When I got into it, I noticed a pervasive discomfort in me, as I bumped into form that was slightly nauseating. I set about restructuring proportion and shape and color, based on my own intuition and some anatomical research. The painting is not done yet, but neither am I. So I include it here. Perhaps you would enjoy going quiet and seeing what you notice and feel.

How important it is to have a quiet inner home from which astute perception and right action can flow.

With love and gratitude,

Barbara (and Peri)



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