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January Meditation, 2017

Greetings and heart felt wishes to each of you as 2017 opens. It appears as though we are in for a true roller coaster of a ride!

With the election and now inauguration of President Trump, it seems that people worldwide will need to prepare for a new style of leadership that is unpredictable, erratic and polarizing. The same dynamics are present in many countries. The millions of women (and men) that marched last Saturday speak to a counter force of creativity, compassion and courage rising in people all over the world. The inner ballast to sustain this stance, to thrive in the midst, to persist, and brew that cup of tea is the reason we do this work together.

Sarah Jane Menato spoke about a quality of leadership needed today. She made a firm gesture with her palm pushing forward, out from her heart, as though against surrounding resistance. She described determined outward movement that is sourced in our center, that prevents us from being crushed by the forces pressing in, and, I thought, form a clearing for a new world.

Holding the highs and lows and the long view, as well as the immediate details of our lives is more important than ever. May Silence, however you experience and grow it, provide a foundation for your work and life. Perhaps we have all been inaugurated.

With deep gratitude for this circle,

Peri & Barbara

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