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February Meditation, 2016

Greetings as we come around once again to sharing a message across the planet on the beauty and power of silence. Below is a link to a YouTube video created at my request by a friend who does energetic healing work - in this case with a bull on the farm where she resides. This bull has been having problems with both of it's front hooves and Diana has been working with it for a bit of time. On a recent teleconference, she described her experience of being with Max – the bull – as one of coming from a deep place of stillness and quiet in herself. She has cultivated this place of silence for many years and in the context of this video it is from this place that she meets Max and connects with him.

I love the gentle way the two of them come together – the quiet, the simplicity, and the obvious connection. Enjoy this just over three minute clip. May it sow a seed of wonder and put a smile on your face, as you cultivate your own practice of silence in whatever ways work best for you.


Peri and Barbara

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