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June Meditation, 2012

Greetings to the practice of Silence Community ~

This Silent Sunday has come quickly in June, following upon the heals of the Solstice just passed and the welcoming of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere.

A good friend and woman in our circle was doing her practice of Silence on Sunday a month ago and this 'message to the circle' came through. She shared it with me and Barbara, and we were inclined to pass this particular expression on to you. Here it is, with love and blessing to you all.

A new wave of women have joined this network in the last months. We honor and welcome the unique qualities of stillness that abide in you.

"With gratefulness the radiation spirit intensifies. Enter into each moment, each session with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brings joy. Walking hand in hand as with a little sister. It doesn't matter if you are scared or undecided in the moment. Embrace them--your body, mind and soul for their part in your life. Embrace them and care for them. They partner with you on this walk.

The Spirit of Silence Sisterhood can be felt in fullness this day as you all join together to honor your place in the world. Your place arising like a slowly erupting volcano feeling the fire of its passion beginning to spout itself into the atmosphere of this world. Slowly at first it has begun but it will burst forth with such intensity the world will be change before it knows it. She will be as an angry Mother. The partnership of the forces will be the desired effect. No more crushing down the life and will of the other. The Volcano has begun its eruption and there is no setting the tide back save the holding of hands and praising the great life force in all things. These things I say to you as a warning and as a promise. Out of the molten ash the flowers will grow and the contrasting beauty will cause hearts to break and tears to roll. This is healing and this is my word and my promise to you.

(And who are you may I ask?) I am the Wind above the Trees and the Hand Upon the Earth.

(With whom should I share this message?) With your sisters who have created a container for this day of silence and fullness. Know that by 'your sisters' it is meant everyone who has known the oppression of the patriarchal fierceness. Please note that patriarchal fierceness is any thing and every one that oppresses out of the will to dominate. So cleanse yourself of all these properties daily, being grateful and giving thanks and embracing the fullness of who you are.

Dance (stomp, stomp) (stomp) (stomp)"

Peri (and Barbara)

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