May Meditation, 2011

Dear friends,

I am writing in anticipation of clearing space for silence on the 29th. Dorian, Isabelle, Burcu and I are just outside Istanbul with a group of Turkish women in the second CIYO held here. I am going to include some photos of the women here. Most are in their thirties.

The last day of the program falls on our designated day of silence. It seems natural that those of you who would like to connect in a simple way this Sunday might join us in 10 minutes of silence. We will invite those gathered here to enter the evening prior in quiet, enjoy a morning of silence, then meet at 9 AM for the day of completion. We thought we might close the time with 10 minutes of silence in a closing circle here that includes all of you who aspire to live from the inside out, sourced in a steady wellspring of the creative spirit. Thanks to any one of you who would take 10 minutes to join us.

We are 10 hours later than PDT, thus West coast US would sync with us at 5:45 AM, East coast US at 8:45 AM, London at 1:45 PM, etc. South Africa would be the same as us I presume.

Blessings to each one in these days of endings and beginnings, and all that goes with this. We honor the ground of being behind it all in this simple gesture of silence.

With love,



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