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August Meditation, 2010

Dear friends,

I am thinking about the world right now, and a swirl of chaos that seems pervasive. Prevailing mindsets search for ways to get through or over the incoherence onto solid ground. For myself, there is the need to be present with the unsettledness, with the release of cycles phasing out, with inability to see the patterns of the future clearly. n conversations with myself I call this the “in between space”. Dwelling in this interlude, listening deeply, befriending all the feelings tied up in it, learning the protocols of creation in these spaces—all seem to be part of the art of living in these times. What if we find a world of unexpected resource and resourcefulness, in this profound uncertainty?

Our inner practices of silence, however we engage them, seem integral to the ground of being in the great wash of change. I greet you in the heart of silence, in the folds of grief, in the stirring of new potential, in the throes of fear, in our love for this earth, in the peace of simple things, and all that lies between.

Over the past couple years I have collected poetry that has supported the necessities of transition, pointing to a new quality of faith. I shared it with a friend last week who suggested I include it here, in case it is useful in some way to someone in this web. Perhaps others have personal or found words which inspire, too. There is nothing comprehensive or particularly ordered about this assembly. Additions are welcome.

Happy Sunday,

Barbara Cecil


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