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June Meditation, 2010

Dear circle of friends,

We are heading into the June Day of Silence, following the Solstice, and a full moon this week accompanied by an eclipse. (That is Winter Solstice for you in the Southern Hemisphere, right?) It feels like a global and personal season of change, with the earth speaking in various ways, and unrest evident in many nations. At the same time seeds for a new way of being on this earth are taking root. I am thinking this month about the place of chosen silence as a home for fresh understanding and wise, deliberate choices born of a still heart.

This global community pulse originated on the shared impulse of those of us who guide the Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) program for women. We recently had two more of those courses, which served well to open the way for meaningful and fulfilling movement into the future. The course is based on the field of possibility for our lives, which is accessed through this still place of origin.

Thank you for the beauty of your being,

Barbara Cecil (for Dorian, Peri, Glennifer and Beth, too)

Below is a photo I took yesterday of a grandmother cottonwood tree. It divides into two large limbs. The one on the left is dead and crumbling, as the wood in the core has rotted, and the one on the right is robust and healthy, full of new growth. Both rest on the same massive trunk and root system. It feels like a metaphor for our times.

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